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Happy Doughnut Day

It’s Doughnut Day and the Gateway Linens team joined in celebrating for a couple of reasons (beyond the fact that anytime is a good time for a donut!!) Have you heard about The Salvation Army women, who became colloquially referred to as “Doughnut Lassies”? They served doughnuts on the frontlines during WWI. There are two […]

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A Generous Donation from St. Simon’s ClubbeHouse

It is all-too-rare that we hear “good news” stories from Toronto’s vitally essential emergency homeless shelters system, but such stories are happening every day, even throughout high-risk, high-stress Covid pandemic times. Here is one that actually rises out of unfortunate circumstances. The St. Simon’s Shelter on Bloor East recently closed, permanently, but in a spirit

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He Wanted His Smile Back

Often, one of the quickest ways to tell if someone is struggling with poverty is by looking at their teeth. Unless you’re employed full-time and have a benefit plan with your work, you could never afford regular visits to the dentist for maintenance. As a result, eventually your teeth decay. This is a significant justice

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