Evangeline Residence

Evangeline Residence first opened in 1886. It is now the second-largest women’s shelter in the City of Toronto with 86 beds.

It provides a clean and safe residence for women experiencing homelessness due to mental health, addiction, domestic violence, financial difficulties, abuse, newly immigrating to Canada and other personal challenges. Evangeline Residence recognizes the basic needs of women as having emotional, physical, social and spiritual dimensions and seeks to address all aspects of these needs by providing nutritious meals, bed and bath units, laundry facilities, supportive counselling, pastoral care and medical assistance. A housing office assists residents to obtain housing and a follow-up program helps them to maintain permanent housing.

Evangeline Residence’s shelter program assists homeless women experiencing various personal issues that have made them temporarily without a permanent home. During their stay, residents are provided with a supportive environment which affords them opportunity to examine their life challenges while focusing on basic needs, from a position of strength and hope. This program offers counselling, advocacy, support of personal goals, daily personal needs (nutritious meals, laundry facilities, bed and bath, transportation assistance, clothing), library services, arts group, weekly life skills sessions and pastoral care.

Our mandate includes exploring and developing new partnerships within the community. We believe that businesses, neighbourhood associations and community groups all need to be involved in being part of the solution for ending homelessness.

Evangeline Residence

Evangeline Residence
2808 Dundas St West
Toronto, ON M6P 1Y5
(416) 762-9636

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