National Volunteer Week 2024

This week we have celebrated the many volunteers who bring unique support and programs to THHS. How fitting that our missional themes in April are Humility & Servanthood, two key characteristics our volunteers share!

Thank you to all the volunteers across THHS, and for the many ways our staff volunteer in their own communities outside of work.

Read about a few of our volunteers below.

“I lived at The Gateway for two years. If I hadn’t lived at The Gateway, I would not have been able to get rent geared to income housing. I have a different perspective on volunteering. Volunteering at The Gateway gives me a structure and exercise. It is a way for me to show my appreciation.” – “S”

Rob Dixon was the first volunteer at New Hope Leslieville when they opened in 2018. He engages with the shelter clients through his monthly onsite music program called ‘Harmonies for Hope”. The program provides opportunities for our clients to engage with music through participation in informal group jam sessions and open mic sessions. Rob is also a neighbour and a member of  New Hope Leslieville Community Liaison Committee.

“This is my first time volunteering in Canada. Volunteering helps me understand and give back to the community affordably.

After the Government announced plans to reopen communities post-COVID-19, I eagerly sought volunteer opportunities to connect with people again.

Among the organizations I considered, The Gateway stood out. After two years of volunteering, I can say I’ve enjoyed my time here. The staff are friendly, and the residents are respectful, making it a rewarding experience.

I’m proud to volunteer at The Gateway and see the progress being made.”
– Katherine

Peter Goldman joined New Hope Leslieve and Norfinch as ‘Income Tax Volunteer’ in 2022 and since then has been serving our residents providing year-round tax preparation services at both locations. Thanks to Peter and his time and services our clients are logistically ready for housing with their NOA. Peter is an avid traveller and has tons of thrilling and exciting travel experiences to share including that of swimming with piranhas.

“I believe in community. Not how the word is used online so much today, but in real, tangible, old-fashioned community. The kind that encourages and helps individuals get stronger, because when they do, society gets stronger. That we are all bound together, and succeed because of each other, not at each other’s expense. That is why I am here. And that is what I hope my actions are promoting.”
– Mark

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