image of a fully lit advent wreath

Christmas Day is Here!

Merry Christmas everyone! Today is the big day that we’ve all been waiting for. All throughout the Advent season we’ve been longing for this day to come; the day we can finally celebrate the arrival of the baby Jesus. For those of you who have been following along with the Advent wreath, all four of […]

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image of street art with the words all you need is love

Advent Week Four: Love

Christmas is only three days away. Today as we light the fourth and final candle on our Advent wreath we can see that the light comes very close to overcoming all darkness. The only candle that is left now is the center candle, the Christ candle, which we’ll light on Christmas morning. As a reminder

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image of Ieshia

More than a Hand Out

Ieshia has been at Florence Booth House, a women’s shelter, for two weeks. “I went down to my lowest. I didn’t have a place to stay. I was on the street,” she says. “It was bad. Rough.” Somebody told her about the shelter. “Here I have a roof over my head, I have food to

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image of a woman laughing

Advent Week Three: Joy

As we light the third of the four outer candles on our Advent wreath, we are reminded that Christmas is drawing nearer. The light of this third candle comes even closer to completely driving the darkness away. This third candle represents ‘joy’. The wreath we’re using for this advent series is a great picture to

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image of a person sketching

A Sketch of Hope

Richard uses pen and ink to experiment with lines, form and shape at Gateway’s art night. “I used to do a lot of drawing and painting and I’m getting back into it. Art is a good therapy tool,” he says. “Things that are bothering me are excused from my mind while I concentrate on the

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image of a girl holding a sign that says peace

Advent Week Two: Peace

As we light the second of the four outer candles on our Advent wreath, we are reminded that as Christmas draws nearer, the light of this new candle drives darkness even further into the distance. This second candle is the ‘peace’ candle. It’s a strange time to dwell on peace with everything that is happening

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image of hand drawn advent wreath

Advent Week One: Hope

As I mentioned in my previous message, I’ll be drawing your attention to the Advent wreath to help us track with the Advent season over the next four weeks. There is so much symbolism to this wreath; its circular shape is meant to represent God, the Creator and Preserver of all things. His love has

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image of lit candles

Advent 2014

It’s a little known fact that the Season of Advent, the four weeks leading up to Christmas, is actually the beginning of the Christian year; not the end. Some churches celebrate New Year’s Eve on November 30th in preparation for their New Year, beginning on December 1st. We’re almost at the end of the year

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image of two women meeting in an office

Supporting Women

Sharmila Mohammed, a housing worker at Florence Booth House, meets with Julie. Along with helping women find housing, Mohammed provides community follow up. “I make sure they have a bed, dishes, clothes and furniture, so they don’t have an empty apartment,” she says. She also goes grocery shopping with them, and shows them where to

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image of a man in a baseball uniform

Gateway’s Team Captain

Martin checks Gateway’s lineup for the season opener of the Downtown East End Softball League, with teams from various shelters and drop-in centres. The team is made up of current and past residents, community members and staff. Martin has been Gateway’s team captain for eight years. He recently found permanent housing but still visits friends

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