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Advent Week Two: Peace

As we light the second of the four outer candles on our Advent wreath, we are reminded that as Christmas draws nearer, the light of this new candle drives darkness even further into the distance. This second candle is the ‘peace’ candle. It’s a strange time to dwell on peace with everything that is happening around the world.
Closer to home we watch racially charged riots and protests throughout the United States after three people with black skin were killed by three police officers with white skin; many feeling these were unjust and racially motivated acts of violence. The chant rings loud and clear throughout America’s streets and around the world: No Justice! No Peace!

But Christmas is about celebrating the arrival of the Prince of Peace. What’s with the disconnect?

To be honest, I don’t know the answer. I think a lot has to do with God loving us so much He gave us the ability to make our own choices. And sadly, our humanity causes us to make one bad choice after another, leading to the kind of chaos our world is experiencing today.

One thing I know for sure: one day the Prince of Peace will return to the earth to make everything right once and for all. He will be the justice that creates perfect peace that passes all understanding.

In the meantime it’s up to us to be instruments of justice that lead to peace as we work with our friends in our shelters and on the street.

No Justice. No peace.
Know Justice. Know Peace.

Gracious God,
We pray for peace in our communities this day.
We commit to you all who work for peace and an end to tensions,
And those who work to uphold law and justice.
We pray for an end to fear,
For comfort and support to those who suffer.
For calm in our streets and cities,
That people may go about their lives in safety and peace.
In your mercy, hear our prayers,
now and always. Amen.
Reprinted from Prayers for Peace
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