Happy International Womens Day!

Let me get vulnerable with you here.On this International Women’s Day, I am exhausted.I know I am not alone.I want to remind the women around me:You are strong, amazing, powerful women who are fighting against many systems, and that is an exhausting beautiful mess.As women, we are fighting against the system.As a mom who is mixed race with a disability, I am fighting systems.And our whole line of work is to fight against the system!It’s fair to be exhausted with everything we are facing.But there is good coming out of this fight, this fight brings this month’s Missional themes of justice & reconciliation to fruition.At THHS, we provide 223 female beds every night in Toronto which supports a portion of the women experiencing homelessness in our city. Stephanie, Director of Florence Booth House and Evangeline Residence, shares about an initiative that provides tangible and intangible comfort to our residents:Our women’s shelters started an initiative collecting brand-new pairs of pyjamas. This means that each woman entering our shelter can choose a fresh pair of pyjamas so they can shower, relax and feel a small sense of comfort in a turbulent time.We recognize that the women we serve come at the lowest points in their lives. The small ways we can provide comfort, care, support and compassion are ways to build trust, strong relationships, and the feeling of safety. This ultimately leads to our goal of moving them into housing with confidence and the knowledge that our team is supporting them along the way.This is all possible thanks to the many incredible women who work for THHS. Working in this field has many highs and lows and we celebrate the wins and mourn the losses; so much of the work is mentally and emotionally challenging. They show up every day with care and compassion for the people we serve. The sounds of joy, laughter and singing from the women in our Intake Offices or the hallways bring so much joy to our spaces. The women who work at our sites band together to support each other through all of life’s moments, whether it be pregnancy, death in a family, marriage, or terminal illness, they do it for each other and for the women we serve. On International Women’s Day we take a moment to recognize how far we have come and how far we still have to go. We want to recognize the challenges women face every single day, in a world that really was not designed for our independence.We continue to move forward with dignity, with care, and with compassion as we strive to be “The Hand of God, in the Heart of the City.”– Erin & Stephanie


On this International Women’s Day,as we celebrate and give thanks for the achievements of women,we remember the women who have played a part in our lives.Those who havenurtured us,taught us,inspired us,loved us.

Forgive us when we have limited womenthrough inequality,by stereotype,by exclusion,through lack of opportunity.

On this International Women’s Day,as we acknowledge the challenges women still face,we pray that all women may know equalityof healthcare,of education,of wealth,of prospects.

We pray that all women may know themselves to berespected,safe,included,empowered.

We ask these things in the name of Jesusin whom there is neither male nor female.Amen.

(adapted from here)

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