The Weary World Rejoices

I don’t know about you, but this season flew by, I am still wondering where December went!

I recently talked with someone about the difficulty of being in the “Holiday Mood” this year. Then I stumbled upon this post.

It’s a not-so-gentle reminder that the Christmas story can speak to us all, no matter where we are this holiday season. Because it all began in much the same “mood” – a weary, desperate, unsure world, waiting for something to shift.

Jesus comes to us exactly where we are, just as He came to the world as a babe in a manger. Born to a weary mother in a stable, in a grieving world, amidst fear and uncertainty, “the weary world rejoices.”

Let Him meet us here with compassion and kindness, our Missional Themes for this month, as we strive to be “the Hand of God in the Heart of the City.”

Merry Christmas,


Dear God,

Thank you that you promise to give to us, those who feel worried, hurried, pressured, and stressed; deep rest and peace for our souls – if we’ll just come before you.
Thank you for your reminder that we don’t have to carry it all.
Forgive us for the times we try to be self-sufficient, for not taking time to rest.
Thank you for the refreshing that comes from your Spirit, filling us with joy, covering us with your shield of favor and blessing, leading us forward with hope.
Equip us to be those who notice the lonely, the hurting.
Help us to slow down, to take time, to point others to you.
In Jesus’ Name,

(adapted from here)


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