Happy Leap Day!

February has come and gone but not before gifting us this extra day.

The leap day is filled with unique traditions. We also hear various thoughts from “What are you doing with your extra day” to “February is short for a reason, bring on spring!”

Regardless of where we land, the concept of the leap year reminds us we are interconnected with something bigger. This planet we call home takes 365.24 days to orbit the sun, and today is the .24 of that journey.

With our Missional themes being “love and self-care” this month, allow this moment to provide the opportunity to ground ourselves.

Take a deep breath in, and a slow exhale. Notice our surroundings, what do we see, who do we see, how do we connect with our surroundings? What does sharing the love of Jesus, meeting human needs and being a transforming influence look like today – and how can you see it being lived out by someone around you?

Take another inhale, and exhale.

Let’s use this leap day to pause so we can love others and ourselves a little bit better as we strive to be “the hand of God in the heart of the city.”




May this day be one of peace and patience.
May this day bring moments of hope, joy and laughter.
May this day give me the chance to let someone know they are loved.
May this day reflect my faith in the perfect imperfection of all events.
(adapted from here)

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