Happy Birthday x2

Happy Birthday Florence Booth House and Gateway!

Here’s a little write-up from the Director of Florence Booth House (FBH) and some pictures from over the years:

FBH opened on February 14, 2000, at our original location at 723 Queen Street West. The location is one of the oldest Salvation Army buildings in the city and was transitioned to a temporary site to support the need for more women’s beds. Fast forward 24 years, and while we may not be in the same building at the moment, the work we are doing has not changed. There continues to be an even greater need for shelter beds in 2024, and I want to thank you all for the continued care and focus on our mission at Florence Booth House and for providing that unconditional support.

Aside from the building itself, the amazing memories and relationships that have been built and blossomed at Florence Booth House are one of a kind and hold a special place in my heart. We have a lot of long-time staff members who have been around and supported each other through pregnancies, births, deaths, sicknesses, surgeries, retirements, the wins of clients, the loss of clients, and a pandemic! What a joy it has been to work with you all the past 15 years, and to see what has been built.

Thank you all for being on this team, and thank you for sharing our love of Florence Booth House and the work we do – it is a privilege to celebrate another year of Florence Booth House with you all.

– Stephanie
Director of Florence Booth House & Evangeline Residence

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