Happy Doughnut Day

It’s Doughnut Day and the Gateway Linens team joined in celebrating for a couple of reasons (beyond the fact that anytime is a good time for a donut!!)

Have you heard about The Salvation Army women, who became colloquially referred to as “Doughnut Lassies”? They served doughnuts on the frontlines during WWI.

There are two closely intertwined connections for Gateway Linens:

First, the purpose of this day is to recognize those who work on the frontlines and in essential services. This applies to everyone at THHS including our shop team and drivers. Gateway Linens provide services to many customers primarily in emergency homeless shelters, respite and community health centres, etc.

I am reminded that, during the height of the pandemic, especially in the earlier months when so much was unknown about the coronavirus and there was considerable panic within the community, our team never missed a single service to any customer. Our shop team also stayed healthy and showed up every day even enduring lengthy TTC commutes, maintaining the high standard of service for which Gateway Linens has earned its reputation.

Second, the women who went to those WWI frontlines didn’t just provide doughnuts. Among other things, they provided writing materials with stamps for letters home and offered clothes-mending services to the soldiers. I think there’s a bit of a fascinating link to what Gateway Linens does these days in contributing to shelters having safe, clean bed linens and, at a number of sites, clients having their personal clothing respectfully laundered.

Thank you Gateway Linens team, and all of THHS, for continuing the work of the Doughnut Lassies as we strive to be “the hand of God, in the heart of the city.”

– Stewart King
Director of Gateway Linens


Our Father in Heaven,

You are our great Creator, Provider and Sustainer
Who grants joy and strength that are new every morning.
You who care for the sparrows and lilies of the field,
call us Your children not to worry for our needs.

We intercede for those serving on the frontline
that Your power and presence will energise their work,
that Your protection will keep them safe from harm,
and Your love sustain them for the day.
Help them to lift their gaze to Jesus
who intercedes for them at Your right hand.

Thank You, Jesus, for your invitation to the weary and heavy-burdened.
We thank You for the rest that we can have in You.
May we learn to be like You in our service, and in quiet strength,
find rest for our soul, to the glory of our Father.
In Your mighty name,


(Source: Our Daily Bread)

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