image of the five shelters

Five Shelters Working Together

As you hopefully know by now, all five of our Toronto Salvation Army shelters have integrated under the leadership of our Executive Director Bradley Harris. We’ve named this new network of shelters Toronto Housing and Homeless Supports. The belief is that we can do more together than we can do apart.

This brand new logo attempts to demonstrate that even though we are in different parts of the city and have our own distinct identities as shelters, we are all working together towards the same goal of bringing hope to the men and women who come through our doors each day. With the cross placed squarely in the center of our logo (on the front of Florence Booth House), and our motto of ‘The Hand of God in the Heart of the City’ prominently placed along the bottom, we are making it clear that all that we do is based on our Christian hope in a God who loves everyone equally.

So I’ll be writing on a regular basis with the hope of encouraging you as a member of this team that the work you’re doing is actually making a difference. As we come together around our mission statement of ‘sharing the love of Jesus Christ, meeting human needs and being a transforming influence in the communities of our world’, this newsletter will attempt to keep drawing our hearts and minds back to this unified vision as we go about our day to day business.


A Prayer

God of all creation, hear our prayer today
For all the men, women and children who have no homes
For those who are struggling with addiction, mental health, sickness of any kind
For those who have no family to rely on
For victims of violence, neglect and abuse
For refugees and immigrants with no place to stay
Help us to see your face in every person we encounter in our shelters
So that those whom we meet that are homeless, will find their way home through us.

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