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Sara came to Florence Booth House in November 2012. During her initial assessment with a Counsellor, Sara related how she had been fired from her place of employment because she was suffering from depression. Sara had attempted to apply for ODSP to ensure a source of income but was denied.

The Counsellor attempted to work with Sara, but the team began to notice that her mental health was quickly deteriorating. Sara began having delusions and paranoid thoughts which made following a case plan very difficult. Her mental health issues rapidly began to consume her.

Florence Booth House staff contacted an external Crisis Team to assist Sara. When the team arrived and assessed Sara, they concluded that they could not assist Sara. Even though she was experiencing delusions and paranoid thoughts, she was not a danger to herself or other people.

The team continued to reach out to Sara and provide her with unconditional support even though it was becoming apparent that she may not be able to transition into her own housing. While Sara stayed Florence Booth House we were able to become a safe haven amidst the confusion. We celebrated her birthday, engaged her in activities, and brought her to Chapel services where she loved to sing and participate. The Florence Booth House team ensured Sara was provided the unconditional support she needed through this difficult stage in her life.

One afternoon, Sara’s mother and sister came looking for her. We connected them with Sara and began to advocate along with them for the help Sara needed to address her mental health issues. With the help of the Counsellor, Sara was subsequently able to enter a mental health facility. After she was released from that facility, she was able to move into supportive housing accommodations.

Today, Sara often returns to the Florence Booth House to share her story of hope. She’s now happy, living in her own housing and volunteering with another organization. Sara has a strong relationship with her family and a whole new journey ahead of her.

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