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Stories of Hope from Evangeline Residence

These are just a few of the success stories from our women’s shelter Evangeline Residence.

  • Trying to find enough money to make ends meet and often coming up short, Helen struggled with homelessness since 2009. With the help of the team at Evangeline Residence, she has been able to secure subsidized housing and apply for proper identification. Happiness, for Helen, is now being able to receive letters at her very own address.
  • Emma escaped an abusive husband and found safety at Evangeline. A hard worker, she wouldn’t let her past hold her down. Now Emma is rebuilding her life; she has her own apartment and is working towards becoming a nurse. She also has made new friends through the Causeway Program.
  • Julie came to Evangeline Residence when she could no longer live with her roommate. During her stay, she worked hard to complete her high school education. Julie is now housed, stable and enrolled in a two year college program.
  • Mawra came to Canada to be with her husband. While living with her husband and mother-in-law she experienced significant abuse by both. During her stay at Evangeline Residence she attended the Building Economic Self Sufficiency program and received her high school diploma. Mawra is now housed through the Priority Housing program and is attending university to become an engineer.

These stories are just glimpses into the value of our work at Evangeline Residence. Every life that we influence reminds us of how important it is to strive daily on behalf of the women who stay with us. We’re changing and saving lives, and in return our own lives are changing for the better through the relationships we form with our residents. The possibilities at Evangeline truly are endless and we’re excited about what the future holds for our residence.

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