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“Your love, Lord, reaches to the Heavens. Your faithfulness to the skies” – Psalm 36:5

Faithfulness to me is about covenant. It’s about making a commitment, a promise, and sticking to it. To be faithful means to be reliable, unwavering, and consistent.
That’s hard to do.
We’ve all failed in this.
Yet God’s grace is big enough to forgive us for those times.
And God is loving enough to help us get back on the faithfulness horse.

Sometimes that hurts. Sometimes it causes pain and struggle. Sometimes we think that God has turned His back on us, and the pain and struggle is just too much for us to bear.

But the truth is, God defines faithfulness. God is eternally reliable and unwavering. He doesn’t have to work on being faithful; He IS faithful. When He makes a promise, you can take that to the bank. God never turns His back on us, even when we fail to live up to our promises. That’s what love is. So when God said “…Never will I leave you. Never will I forsake you” – Hebrews 13:5b, He meant it.

So our question is, how do we remain faithful to our commitments?
To our mission?
To ourselves?
How do we forgive ourselves and get back at it when we fail?

Our starting point must be with the source of all faithfulness; God.

So we cry out to Him for His kind of faithfulness as we strive to be ‘The Hand of God in the heart of the city”.



Prayer for Faithfulness
Jesus, I’m so grateful for
Your great love and compassion that never fails.
They are new every morning.
Great is Your faithfulness

– Lamentations 3:22-23

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