Signs of Stress at Work

March Madness

Happy Monday!
You’re probably thinking – ‘how can it possibly be a happy Monday, it’s the first day of accreditation…and we’ve been working non-stop to get ready!?’

But what if we were to do our best to make it a happy one, even with the stress of accreditation coming at us from all sides this week?

Last week, I had a streetcar driver who decided it was his job to make everyone on his streetcar happy as they headed to work by singing and telling jokes as he drove.

So that snowstorm morning as everyone was late, cold and the commute was slow, they left the streetcar with huge smiles, happier than when they left the house that morning.

Because this one guy decided he would do whatever he could to make people happy.

He didn’t get angry that his drive was tough because of the weather, or frustrated because of that car that cut him off, or irritable with that passenger who held up the line.

He was able to stop the cycle of negativity/anger/stress and instead passed on his joy which was infectious.

What are some simple things we can do this week to help our co-workers to not be stressed? What can we do to change the cycle so that we continue to share joy with each other and our clients in the midst of stress?

Maybe you’re not going to sing all day or tell jokes over the intercom like the streetcar driver did, but maybe you’ll help print that last policy that was forgotten. Or make a fresh pot of coffee for everyone. Or be able to encourage those around you with a simple smile instead of letting the stress consume and change the way you interact with others.

Even though February is over, we can continue to remember to be gracious and show love to ourselves and to others this week. So even in the stressful times, we can be our best for our clients, co-workers, and the others who will be visiting us this week during accreditation.

This is all part of our mission to share the love of Jesus, meet human needs, and be a transforming influence.

Let’s strive to bring joy to those around us even during accreditation, as we continue to be “The Hand of God, in the Heart of the City.”



Heavenly Father,
I have let the stress at work get to me and am feeling worn out, angry, irritable and unhappy.

Please help me to have faith to know that you are the God of peace and not confusion or stress.

Please help me to keep my eyes fixed on you when I am dealing with stress at work and let me be a light in my workplace instead of an unpleasant person who is stressed.

I love you with all my heart. The joy of the Lord is my strength. Thank you for loving me and giving me peace.

In Jesus’ name.

(Adapted from here)

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