image of an advent wreath with the four outer candles lit

Advent Week Four: Still Waiting

Well we’re almost there. In just four more sleeps we’ll wake up to that day we’ve all been waiting for. Christmas Day! It’s the day when Christians celebrate the birthday of the savior of the world.

But we’re not there yet. We still have waiting to do. We still have time to prepare for that day. We’ve lit all four of our Advent candles by now, but the center candle, the Jesus candle, hasn’t been lit yet. There is still darkness in the world.

As we focus on our core value of ‘Intimacy with God’ in these last few days, we find ourselves caught in that tension between our eager anticipation for that day when everything will be made right and the admission that everything is currently far from ok. We cry out to God to bring that ultimate peace, justice, healing and reconciliation to our world once and for all. During those times of intimacy with God, we pray for strength to continue on in the fight for justice yet acknowledge that we can’t do it on our own.

This is what Advent is all about.

I pray that God will touch each of your lives and speak to you in a way that you can hear and understand. And I pray that you each continue to rely on God, while we wait for that ultimate Christmas Day, in order to be ‘The Hand of God in the Heart of the City’.


Dion Oxford, Mission Strategist

Come, long-expected Jesus.
Excite in me a wonder at your greatness.
Receive my prayer as part of my service to you who has enlisted me in your work for justice.
Come, long-expected Jesus.
Excite in me a hunger for peace: peace in the world, peace in my home, peace at work, peace in myself.

Come, long-expected Jesus.
Excite in me a joy responsive to your joy. I seek your will so I can serve with gladness, singing and love.

Come Lord Jesus
Come quickly

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