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Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. – John 15:13

The Super Bowl always comes with a lot of hype. Advertisers, fans, food delivery companies, and of course the teams go ‘all in’ each year in hopes of being the best, having the most unique commercial, or scoring the winning touchdown.

It’s exciting.
It’s something to look forward to.
It’s something that brings people together.

It’s also a welcome distraction from the daily grind of work and life. The job that we do on our streets and in our shelters is tough. Hearing stories of brokenness and pain and abuse all day, every day can be brutal. Loving broken people unconditionally is hard work. Love definitely is not an easy, romanticized slogan on a Hallmark card.

What exactly is love anyway? Well, Christians believe that Jesus is ‘love’ in human form. So when our Salvation Army mission statement boldly states that we will share the love of Jesus Christ, we must look deeper into what that love actually looks like. And it isn’t pretty. Jesus showed love by getting down and dirty with people that, on the surface, looked unlovable.  Jesus’ love is ferocious, wild and very messy. He showed love by going ‘all in’ and laying down His life for those of us who are hard to love.

It’s fun to have a team to cheer for; to transport us to a different place once in a while to take our minds off the struggle. But being on the winning team doesn’t look the same through the ‘Jesus lens’ as it does at the Super Bowl. Sharing the love of Jesus Christ means putting others first and being willing to come in last place. Then, and only then, will we learn that love really does put us on the winning team.

Let’s keep on striving in love to be ‘The Hand of God in the Heart of the City’.



Your love
flows like a stream
into the ocean of your Grace.

Your love
encircles this world,
displays your faithfulness.

Your love
is patient and kind,
brings wholeness and true peace.

Your love
is all we desire
to heal our brokenness.

As all things pass
and fade away
love remains


(Adapted from Here)

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