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Sharing the Promise

Yesterday marked the second Sunday of Advent, each week continues to prepare us for the arrival of Jesus.

Last week we looked on with hope. Hope for that which we wait for, hope for what is to come, hope for God’s promises to be fulfilled.

This week is marked by peace. The Prince of Peace is coming, with promises to restore, and bring justice.

But not everyone looks to Christmas with hope and peace.

Those who have no house to decorate; those who cannot give the gifts they want to those they love; those who don’t have communities to share and celebrate with; those whose families are far away.

For many who come through our doors, this is a hard season.

This month we focus on kindness and compassion because that is what will show the hope and peace Jesus offers this season. We do everything we can to create joy and share the beauty of the season in whatever small ways we can with those around us.

How can you share peace and hope this week? How does your kindness and compassion to your clients, residents and co-workers transform our spaces into those that remind others that Jesus brings hope and peace this season?

He brings hope and peace to all.

It doesn’t matter your address, your job, your past. His promises are for us all. Let’s live like this is true, and let it overflow in kindness and compassion as we go about our week.

We remember that Jesus is our hope and our peace as we strive to be “The Hand of God, in the Heart of the City.”

Peace on earth, goodwill towards all,


Gracious God,
Grant that we may find peace as we prepare for our Lord’s birth.

May divisions in ourselves and in our families be peacefully resolved.

May there be peace in our cities and in the countries of our world.

Help us to see the paths of peace in our lives, and then give to us courage to follow them.

Lord, let us remember that you only are the giver of lasting peace and that you are always with us.


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