Holy Week & Hot Dogs

On the weekends I help with another Salvation Army drop-in space and Church and this Sunday was a big day – it was hot dog day, oh and also Palm Sunday!

Palm Sunday is when Christians celebrate Jesus entering Jerusalem, and marks the beginning of Holy Week. It is an iconic time that beautifully shows his humble servanthood. He could have revelled in the moment, basked in the people’s praise, and become what they wanted Him to be, but He instead entered on a donkey,  did not change who He was, and stayed true to His purpose.

This is an example of a leader to follow, an example of a leader we can all strive to be.

Now, hot dog Sunday comes around a little more often than Palm Sunday, but also holds much more excitement than the usual after-church sandwiches. Usually, it’s accompanied by a mad-dash as everyone excitedly tries to fill their plate.

But this week was a bit different.

Well, a few weeks ago, on another iconic Sunday lunch (pizza day) we ran out with some only getting one slice. One of the regulars happened to have grabbed 5 slices, and soon realized he didn’t really need all 5, and others could have used more than one. So this Sunday, he was so excited to help make sure everyone started with one hotdog at a time,  mostly this included himself.

He showed humble servant leadership and was more happy to enjoy his few hot dogs knowing everyone was also able to enjoy as well. By seeing the example of the servant leaders around him during pizza day, he was inspired to take on the same spirit of sharing on hot dog day.

This was a beautiful moment.

We can be encouraged that when we act as humble servants, those around us not only feel valued, but share that same sentiment with others following the example set before them.

As we go about this Holy Week we continue to strive to follow Jesus’ example as a humble servant leader as we are ‘The Hand of God, in the Heart of the City.’

Grace & Peace,



Holy God,

We enter into this week with deep respect and silence, conscious of the depth of Jesus’ faithfulness.

Help us to follow in his footsteps — wherever that may lead.

We make this prayer in the name of one who emptied himself for us. Amen.

(Adapted from here)


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