Not A Joke!

Just as we thought spring was finally here, winter comes back for a visit. Hopefully, it was just an early April Fools joke, and Spring really does come soon!

As we focus on humility and servanthood as our Missional Theme for April, we can do no better than to look to Jesus’ example, especially in the story of Easter. Even though He was the King, He redefined what kings look like by humbling Himself and washing His servant’s feet. He became their servant. He became our servant. He became ‘the servant King’. He set an example of what true kingship, what true power, ought to look like from a Christian perspective.

This was no April Fools joke.
Jesus may not have been what people expected, He wasn’t the traditional King they were assuming would come. Instead, Hesuprirised them all with His humility and servanthood and was able to influence more than any king ever has!

As we go about our work of running our shelters, it’s important to acknowledge that we as staff have power. We hold the keys. We administer the rules. We decide who gets admitted into a bed and who does not. That’s a heavy responsibility. And it leaves us with the choices of either being just like the rest of the world in how we handle this power or being humble servants in the same way that Jesus demonstrated His own use of power.

Approaching our work as humble servants helps us to do our job and fulfill our mission while treating people with dignity.

Let’s continue to be ‘humble servants’ as we keep striving to be ‘The Hand of God in the Heart of the City.’




Lord Jesus, when you walked the earth,
Your humility obscured your Kingship.
Your meekness confused the arrogant,
Hindering them from grasping your purpose,
Your nobleness attending to the destitute.
Teach me to model after you,
To subject my human nature to humility.
Grant me with a natural inclination
To never view myself greater than anyone.
Banish all lingering sparks of self-importance
That could elevate me greater than you.
Let my heart always imitate your humility.

(Adapted from here)

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