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Prayer Day 2 of 7: Newcomer and Senior Services

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24


Improved medical technology and public health measures are providing Canadians with longer life expectancies and quality of life than in the past. According to Statistics Canada, it is expected that the number of seniors will continue to rise, and by 2041, it is projected that seniors will comprise nearly a quarter (24.5%) of the entire Canadian population, compared to 14.8% today. Those aged 85+ are expected to nearly triple to 5.8% of the total population by 2041.

With the rise of elder victimization, abuse, loneliness and ageism, The Salvation Army is responding.

Newcomers to Canada

According to Statistics Canada, approximately 1 in 5 people living in Canada were born in another country. 28% of all seniors are immigrants. Many people who move to Canada are highly educated but have a difficult time being accepted and finding meaningful work for meaningful pay. Doctors, lawyers and teachers from other countries often find themselves underemployed as a result of immigration laws and stereotypes. The Salvation Army is doing its best to get involved.

Here are some SA ministries to pray for today that specifically address these issues:

Meighen Health Center

  • Isabel and Arthur Meighen Manor (long-term care facility) – 168 residents
  • Meighen Retirement Residence – 89 residents
  • 164 staff

Immigrant and Refugee Services

  • Settlement Services (counseling, one-on-one supports)
  • ESL classes
  • Capacity building supports to corps and Family Services

All of our centers are filled with people who fit these descriptions. Maybe today you can pray specifically for people you know who are struggling with either of these issues. Maybe you can spend quiet time imagining what it might be like to be a stranger to a new country, struggling to find your place.

Let’s keep trying to be The Hand of God in the Heart of the City.

Dion Oxford, Mission Strategist

Prayer for Our Immigrant and Elderly Sisters and Brothers

Blessed are You, Lord Jesus Christ.

You crossed every border

between Divinity and humanity

to make your home with us.

Help us to welcome you in newcomers,

migrants, seniors and refugees.


Blessed are You, God of all ages and nations.

You bless our land richly

with goods of creation

and with people made in your image.

Help us to be good stewards and peacemakers,

who live as your children.


Blessed are You, Holy Spirit.

You work in the hearts of all

to bring about harmony and goodwill.

Strengthen us to welcome those

from other lands, cultures, religions,

that we may live in human solidarity

and in hope.


God of all people of all ages, grant us vision

to see your presence in our midst,

especially in our elderly and immigrant sisters and brothers.

Give us courage to open the door to our neighbors

and grace to build a society of justice.



Prayer adapted from here

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