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The Gateway Turns Fifteen

On Sunday, February 15th we celebrated the Gateway’s 15th anniversary by hosting a birthday party in the drop-in and inviting some local musicians to come and put on a show. It was a great night for our residents, community members, supporters and staff; a joyous occasion all around.
As a shelter, we’ve accomplished a lot in the past 15 years. We’ve had over 11,000 people come through our doors, provided a bed 581,056 times, served 1,664,684 meals and helped 2,366 individuals move into a place of their own. But what’s greater than these statistics is starting out with a solid vision of what the Gateway should be and not losing sight of that since those early days. Our vision is best summed up by what’s become our slogan over the years, “to be the hand of God in the heart of the city.” We want the Gateway to be a safe space that serves as a light in the community, a place that is hospitable, a place where everyone is treated with love and respect and a place that inspires hope. That’s what we understand the calling of Jesus to be and we continually strive for that ideal.
To all who support our work, either by volunteering or giving financially, we thank you for your role in ensuring that the Gateway’s doors have remained open for the last 15 years. Without your encouragement and generosity, we would never be able to achieve our vision.
We hope that our next big party at the Gateway will be one where we close our doors and celebrate the end of homelessness in Toronto. Until then, we’ll keep trying to be the hand of God in the heart of the city.


Jake Aikenhead, Director – The Gateway

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