Day of Prayer for Victims of Human Trafficking

Today we join people around the world in praying this prayer for victims of human trafficking. (Click on the video to learn more about The Salvation Army’s efforts in this area.)


Heavenly Father,

We, your children, trust your words in Mathew 11:28: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” We pray for the liberation of victims who are in bondage to all the various types of Modern Slavery.

They want to be free of their bondage. They are crying out for someone to help them. Please bring freedom to the slaves in the world. Nothing is impossible to you Father. Remove the chains of their oppression. Let the oppressors understand what is just and let them repent for their unjust actions.

Dear Lord, we thank you for your grace as you have provided us everything we need. But we pray for those who do not have enough food, clothes, shelter or means to pay for other necessities. Father, give us generous hearts to share our blessings with others. Help us to understand their needs. Soften our hearts with compassion to help them joyfully.

Lord, you are the strongest tower and mighty shelter. We are safe in you. We thank you for those who have been rescued. Bless your people who worked for their rescue. Bless the children who are experiencing freedom. Please heal the physical and mental wounds of these children. Remind them they are equally important in your sight. Do not let anyone harm them. Make them safe and let them feel safe and secure.

Dear Lord, each morning we experience your love, joy, kindness and hope. We thank you for all these. We pray for our brothers and sisters who have experienced the darkness of life. Make us a channel to show your love and compassion. Help us to counsel and support them so that they can firmly sustain their new life. Lord, each life is precious in your sight. Dear Lord, restore the joy of life to those who became victims of human trafficking. Provide them enough resources to rebuild and reshape their lives. May we rejoice in you always.

Dear Lord, you are the One who rescues from every kind of slavery. You are the Saviour who forgives all our sins and make us a new creation. Lord you are the potter and we are the clay. Mould and shape us to become a witness to that new creation so that others may also seek and experience that life as a new creation.

Dear Lord, you are the Lord of Justice. You love those who walk on the path of justice. We pray for your people who deal with traffickers. Give your wisdom, knowledge and strength to handle the traffickers while investigating them. Give them courage to fight against the wrong. Show them the way to achieve justice for those who have been so wrongly treated. At the same time we pray for the survivors. Protect them from all harm. Give them courage to face their former traffickers and their past experiences. We pray for the people and organizations who are working to assist them to become more than a victim or survivor, but a person who is thriving.

Heavenly Father, we pray for the various governments, civil society organizations and especially the churches and for the people who are involved in this noble task to bring an end to Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking. We pray that all authorities at every level may be supportive, resistant to corruption and bribery and join their hands for the betterment of the survivors. Lord helps us to provide them with a good space in a loving environment, so they can live freely and happily and they can find resources for their rehabilitation.

Dear God, give us new insight to bring these lives who have suffered so much darkness into Your Light. May we be able to stand in unity, as a Church, with them for their freedom and justice.

Heavenly Father, hear our cries as we reach up to you.


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