International Women’s Day

Mention homelessness and most Canadians think of a bundled man sleeping on a heating grate. The reality, however, is far more complex.

Women experiencing homelessness are a particularly vulnerable group. On the streets, they are at great risk of physical, emotional and psychological harm. They live with higher rates of chronic health conditions, acute illness and mental health issues compared with male homeless. To make matters worse, the risk of experiencing sexual assault is significantly increased.

In our most recent quarter, 30% of those accessing our services identified as women. Across THHS, we have 142 beds dedicated to women between Florence Booth House, Evangeline Residence and Islington Seniors’ Shelter.

Islington Seniors’ Shelter (ISS) has 37 female residents and 25 female staff members. They went all out for International Women’s Day with a set up on the third floor to celebrate their women and a set up for their staff.

On the table are items that represent International Women’s Day. The colours are green, purple, and white, the 8 is for March 8, a globe for women of the world, and you have flowers. They also added wristbands with positive quotes as some extra encouragement.

Natasha, Director of ISS said, “hearing the laughter and celebration is heartwarming this morning!” 

Today we celebrate the women around us as we continue striving to be “the hand of God, in the heart of the city.”




We pray that all women may know themselves to be
We ask these things in the name of Jesus in whom there is neither male nor female.Amen
(adapted from here)

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